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Apr 05

Mollywhop 2018 Street Fighter V Rank Update! (04/05)

Apr 04

Mollywhop 2018 Street Fighter V Session III Results!

Mar 01

It Was Tuesday’s Mollywhop 2018 Season Starts NOW!

Hello It Was Tuesday fans n’ followers! With the Honmei-Kappa 2018 season officially behind us, we’re starting up a new season: Mollywhop 2018! This time around we’re extending the season from two months, to three. This allows players of both games six sessions to climb the ranks, as opposed to just four. The schedule for …

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Aug 24

It Was Tuesday – It Was Summer Rank Update (08/22)

Session V of It Was Tuesday’s It Was Summer season kept up the current tradition of crazy point exchanges. pH Nando wound up handing out Headhunter bonuses to the majority of the group, and extra Rank vs. Rank points to pH James (30),¬†Beesu¬†(10), and Sosage (80). Ackmed snagged 45 points off of Sosage. Rotten Seagull …

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Aug 24

It Was Tuesday – It Was Summer Session V Results!

Jul 26

Results! It Was Tuesday – It Was Summer Session II

May 10

It Was Tuesday – Mollywhop Rank Update (05/09)

Session II of Mollywhop is in the books. There were no Rank vs. Rank point exchanges this week, and Beesu defended the Headhunter Bonus. Making him the Headhunter target for next session.

May 02

It Was Tuesday – Mollywhop Session I May 2nd!

It’s the start of a new Street Fighter V Ranbat season at It Was Tuesday! Mollywhop will last through May/June of 2017. We kick it all off on May 2nd! Since it is the first session of the new season, there is no Headhunter Bonus or Rank vs. Rank point exchange. Facebook Event Page It …

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Apr 26

It Was Tuesday – Spring Trigger FINAL RANK UPDATE

Spring Trigger has come to an end! I hope everyone had fun, and can join us for the next RanBat season starting next week, May 2nd! In the season finale, there was only one incident where Rank Points were exchanged: Sosage vs. Beastbomba. Beastbomba’s Zangief wound up scraping 55 points off of Sosage’s Kolin. Beesu …

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Apr 26

Results! It Was Tuesday Spring Trigger Season Finale!

This is it! The Season Finale of It Was Tuesday’s Spring Trigger RanBat Season! We start a new RanBat season next week, May 2nd!

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