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Apr 05

Mollywhop 2018 Street Fighter V Rank Update! (04/05)

Aug 09

It Was Tuesday – It Was Summer Rank Update (08/08)

It’s time for an It Was Tuesday – It Was Summer Rank Update! A lot, and I mean a LOT, happened last night. pH Nando absolutely tore through the rankings, taking 105 Rank Points off of Rotten Seagull, 120 points off of pH James (defeating him twice, at 60 Rank Points each), and by defeating …

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Jul 31

It Was Tuesday – It Was Summer Rank Update!

I’m sorry that It Was Tuesday is a bit of a mess this summer season, and I am late with updates. It’s just a crazy time of the year, and things will wind back down and normalize come September. For now, here is the rank update for the current It Was Tuesday – It Was …

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Jun 28

It Was Tuesday Mollywhop Final Player Ranks

Apr 26

It Was Tuesday – Spring Trigger FINAL RANK UPDATE

Spring Trigger has come to an end! I hope everyone had fun, and can join us for the next RanBat season starting next week, May 2nd! In the season finale, there was only one incident where Rank Points were exchanged: Sosage vs. Beastbomba. Beastbomba’s Zangief wound up scraping 55 points off of Sosage’s Kolin. Beesu …

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Mar 01

It Was Tuesday Honmei-Kappa FINAL RANK

This is it. The final ranks for It Was Tuesday’s Jan/Feb RanBat Season: Honmei-Kappa. I’d like to thank everyone that has come out and supported It Was Tuesday, especially those that continued to come out on weeks where it was looking like a 2-man bracket. Also, huge thanks to Phoenix Games for hosting us. Without …

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Feb 22

It Was Tuesday Honmei-Kappa Rank Update (02/21)

It was a week of surprise guests, with OG It Was Tuesday top tier Panoptic coming out of the wood works to play. We also saw Vincent trying to pull out some Akuma vortex. In the end, Beesu took first place, propelling himself into the 2K point level, with NO RESPECT tailing just behind him …

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Feb 08

It Was Tuesday – Honmei-Kappa Rank Update

It Was Tuesday’s Ranking System is getting a quick tweak. The original system used denominations of 100 for every session. This made sure that the lowest performing player at least scored 100 Rank Points for participating. The problem is, although this is super simple, it doesn’t scale very well. The result was players being rewarded …

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Aug 17

Ranking Update! It Was Tuesday Back-To-School Session Three 08/16/2016

Session three of the Back-To-School season saw the mysterious absence of Beesu, the week’s Headhunter Bonus. This also left the door open for others in the top five of the rankings to take over his top spot. In Rank vs. Rank, we saw Vincent lose 10 points to the Yung one himself, MarkB. And in Semi-Finals, Panoptic snags 30 points from Pikie, …

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Jul 27

Final Rank Results Summer Session 2016

This is it! It Was Tuesday’s Summer Season is all wrapped up. We start a new season in August, which will see a whole new 8 week set, with Rank Points reset to 0. Before we say goodbye to summer, let’s recap the final session and where everyone landed this season. In week 8, Smitty …

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