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Feb 21

It Was Tuesday – Honmei-Kappa 2018 Street Fighter V Final Ranks

Jan 31

Rank Update: Honmei-Kappa 2018 Dragon Ball Fighterz Session I

It Was Tuesday – Honmei-Kappa 2018 Dragon Ball Fighterz Rank Update (01/30). No head-to-head Rank Point exchanges this week. Yohosie is the Headhunter Bonus next week. Defeat her at the next Dragon Ball Fighterz session (02/13) and earn bonus Rank Points.

Aug 07

It Was Tuesday – It Was Summer Rank Update (08/07)

We had a Sunday Abare Mass this last Sunday, so we need to update the Player Rank list for It Was Summer! On Sunday Abare Mass, there is no Rank vs. Rank point exchange or Headhunter Bonus. It’s just raw Rank Points.

Mar 22

It Was Tuesday – Spring Trigger Rank Update (03/21)

Last night’s session of It Was Tuesday – Spring Trigger saw some slight shifting of Rank Points across the board. On the top end of the chart, NO RESPECT finally broke Beesu’s undefeated streak, gaining 45 Rank Points and collecting half of the Headhunter Bonus (200 Rank Points). I did say half, though. NO RESPECT …

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Mar 15

It Was Tuesday – Spring Trigger – Rank Update (03/14)

It’s the second week of the new season, which means we can kick off the official rank update posts! No one claimed this week’s Headhunter Bonus, which once again is Beesu. Don’t take it hard if you see yourself dropping wildly in the ranks this week. As more players settle into the season, and you …

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Mar 01

It Was Tuesday Honmei-Kappa FINAL RANK

This is it. The final ranks for It Was Tuesday’s Jan/Feb RanBat Season: Honmei-Kappa. I’d like to thank everyone that has come out and supported It Was Tuesday, especially those that continued to come out on weeks where it was looking like a 2-man bracket. Also, huge thanks to Phoenix Games for hosting us. Without …

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Feb 22

It Was Tuesday Honmei-Kappa Rank Update (02/21)

It was a week of surprise guests, with OG It Was Tuesday top tier Panoptic coming out of the wood works to play. We also saw Vincent trying to pull out some Akuma vortex. In the end, Beesu took first place, propelling himself into the 2K point level, with NO RESPECT tailing just behind him …

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Nov 30

It Was Tuesday’s 2016 Grand Champion

The November 29th session of It Was Tuesday wasn’t just the final session of the Abare de los Muertos ranking season, but the last session of 2016. Through the power of simple arithmetic and a calculator that features a + key, we were able to figure out who It Was Tuesday’s top player of 2016 …

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Aug 03

Results! It Was Tuesday Back-To-School Session 1 of 8 — 08/02/2016

School’s back in session at It Was Tuesday. The first week of the new Back To School season saw Beesu once again claiming his seat at the top spot. This means Beesu is next week’s Headhunter Bonus. Earn 200 bonus Rank Points every time you defeat him in the bracket. Bracket RESULTS n’ RANKINGS 1st: …

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Jul 20

Rank Results! Summer Session 7 07/19/2016

Summer Season session 7 is the lowest turn out It Was Tuesday has seen, with barely six people registering in the bracket. It’s understandable, considering this is right after EVO weekend. With less than eight players, the format changed to Round Robin. Tavnt‘s headhunter bonus was still in effect, which both Beesu and Panoptic earned …

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