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Mar 14

Mollywhop 2018 DragonBall Fighterz Session I Results/Ranks

Just like the first Street Fighter V session of Mollywhop 2018, the results of our first of six sessions of our DragonBall Fighterz season is both a results AND rank update. All of these players are now active for Rank vs Rank point exchange. Android 420 is the next DragonBall Fighterz Headhunter Bonus. Defeat him …

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Feb 15

Honmei-Kappa 2018 Dragon Ball Fighterz Rank Update (02/13)

For the first time ever in It Was Tuesday history, there is an unresolved three-way tie! Even after running a tie breaker round, Beesu, Android 420, and Smitty could not pull ahead. So next Dragon Ball Fighterz session (02/27), the Headhunter Bonus will be determined based off of who out of the three place highest …

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Aug 09

It Was Tuesday – It Was Summer Rank Update (08/08)

It’s time for an It Was Tuesday – It Was Summer Rank Update! A lot, and I mean a LOT, happened last night. pH Nando absolutely tore through the rankings, taking 105 Rank Points off of Rotten Seagull, 120 points off of pH James (defeating him twice, at 60 Rank Points each), and by defeating …

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Aug 03

It Was Tuesday – It Was Summer Rank Update (08/01)

This session of It Was Tuesday was visited by a group of new faces, including two killers from Pandora House, pH James and pH Nando. pH James defeated Beesu in Grand Finals, snagging both Headhunter Bonuses, resulting in a 400 boost to his Rank Points! This means pH James is next week’s Headhunter Bonus (Beesu …

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Jun 14

It Was Tuesday Mollywhop Rank Update (06/13)

We only have two more sessions in It Was Tuesday’s Mollywhop season! Remember, top 3 of the season receive prizes! There was no Headhunter Bonus this week, but, Pikie earned the right to wear the target on his back next session! In Rank vs. Rank point exchange, Vincent took 60 points from Sosage.

Jun 07

It Was Tuesday Mollywhop Rank Update (06/06)

Player rank update for Session V of Mollywhop! Beesu still defends his Headhunter Bonus. In Rank vs. Rank, NO RESPECT defeated Gearbox twice, taking 90 points total off of Gearbox. Ice Box took 25 points off of Beastbomba.

May 17

It Was Tuesday – Mollywhop Rank Update (05/16)

Finally, someone dethroned Beesu. Ultima came out of no where with an aggressive Rashid, and didn’t just take first, but defeated Beesu twice. Earning the total Headhunter Bonus this week (400 Rank Points total). The only Rank vs. Rank point exchange took place between Beastbomba and Gearbox, which saw Beastbomba snagging 25 points. Next week, …

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Apr 26

It Was Tuesday – Spring Trigger FINAL RANK UPDATE

Spring Trigger has come to an end! I hope everyone had fun, and can join us for the next RanBat season starting next week, May 2nd! In the season finale, there was only one incident where Rank Points were exchanged: Sosage vs. Beastbomba. Beastbomba’s Zangief wound up scraping 55 points off of Sosage’s Kolin. Beesu …

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Apr 19

Spring Trigger Ranking Update (04/18)

Session VII is over, and we’re heading into the season finale next week! Top 5 is still shifting dramatically, and can be locked in by anyone in the top 10. This week, the ghost … the myth … the legend … the Rushing Russian, Pikie appeared out of the horizon on his motorcycle, and cruised into It …

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Apr 12

It Was Tuesday – Spring Trigger Rank Update (04/11)

It Was Tuesday had a light turn out this week, so it was a Round Robin night. Three of the Five competitors were new to the Spring Trigger season, so there weren’t many chances of Rank vs. Rank point exchange. This week’s Headhunter was also missing, so no one was able to earn extra Rank …

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