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Apr 26

It Was Tuesday – Spring Trigger FINAL RANK UPDATE

Spring Trigger has come to an end! I hope everyone had fun, and can join us for the next RanBat season starting next week, May 2nd! In the season finale, there was only one incident where Rank Points were exchanged: Sosage vs. Beastbomba. Beastbomba’s Zangief wound up scraping 55 points off of Sosage’s Kolin. Beesu …

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Apr 06

It Was Tuesday – Spring Trigger Rank Update (04/04)

Spring Trigger Session V was an interesting night when it came to upsets and point exchange. In the early rounds of the Winners bracket, Hawk took a match off of Panoptic, scoring 30 bonus Rank Points and putting one of the top 3 contenders in danger early. In the same round, Beesu saw himself ejected …

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Mar 29

It Was Tuesday – Spring Trigger Rank Update (03/28)

Session IV of It Was Tuesday’s Spring Trigger season saw the return of Tavnt, an old school player that terrorized It Was Tuesday with a Season 1 Chun-Li. At last night’s session, Tavnt proved that he didn’t need the most broken character in Street Fighter V’s short history to mollywhop the youngins’. Using the much …

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Mar 22

It Was Tuesday – Spring Trigger Rank Update (03/21)

Last night’s session of It Was Tuesday – Spring Trigger saw some slight shifting of Rank Points across the board. On the top end of the chart, NO RESPECT finally broke Beesu’s undefeated streak, gaining 45 Rank Points and collecting half of the Headhunter Bonus (200 Rank Points). I did say half, though. NO RESPECT …

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Mar 15

It Was Tuesday – Spring Trigger – Rank Update (03/14)

It’s the second week of the new season, which means we can kick off the official rank update posts! No one claimed this week’s Headhunter Bonus, which once again is Beesu. Don’t take it hard if you see yourself dropping wildly in the ranks this week. As more players settle into the season, and you …

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Feb 15

It Was Tuesday – Honmei-Kappa Rank Update (02/14)

This week’s Honmei-Kappa session saw some points swap. Primarily between Beesu and NO RESPECT. NO RESPECT wound up resetting the Grand Finals, which counted as a loss for Beesu. As a result, Beesu gave up 30 points to NO RESPECT. NO RESPECT also gained the Headhunter Bonus, which snagged another 200 Bonus Rank Points.

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