Oct 12

Results! Session II of Abare de los Muertos Season!

Street Fighter The Movie ending

We had a nice turn out tonight at It Was Tuesday. Thanks to everyone thst came out! Panoptic decided to come back, yet NO RESPECT was mysteriously absent. Either they are actually the same person, or It Was Tuesday isn’t big enough for two Charlie/Nash players.

Panoptic is next week’s Headhunter Bonus.

Please be sure to check out, and subscribe to, the It Was Tuesday YouTube channel. I will be uploading footage as permits. Don’t miss seeing my bone headed Urien shoulder tackle into Necalli’s Super!


1st Panoptic (Charlie/Nash/Ken) 600 RP
2nd Beesu (Karin) 500 RP
3rd Reggie (Half the cast) 400 RP
4th Geoff (R.Mika) 300 RP
5th Sosage (Urien) 200 RP
5th Shareware (Urien) 200 RP
7th Custom (Urien/Ryu) 100 RP
7th Jackal (Ken) – 100

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