Sep 01

Results! Session 5 of Back To School August 30th

Street Fighter The Movie endingResults from session 5 of It Was Tuesday’s Back To School

1st Beesu (6-0) (Karin) 700 RP Earned

2nd Pikie (5-1) (M.Bison/Dictator) 600 RP Earned

3rd Reggie (4-2) (Alex/Ken) 500 RP Earned

4th Sosage (3-3) (M.Bison/Dictator) 400 RP Earned

5th Vincent (2-4) (Rainbow Mika) – 300 RP Earned

6th Custom (1-5) (Ryu) – 200 RP Earned

7th Juantanimo Bay (0-6) (Zangief) – 100 RP Earned

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