Aug 17

Results! It Was Tuesday Back-To-School Session Three 08/16/2016

Street Fighter The Movie ending

It Was Tuesday’s Back-To-School Session Three wraps up, with Pikie fighting his way out of Losers and taking the Grand Finals. This means Pikie is next week’s Headhunter Bonus. Knock Pikie into Losers Bracket, or out of the tournament, and earn 200 Bonus Rank Points!



1st) Pikie (M.Bison/Dictator) — 700 Rank Points Earned

2nd) Panoptic (Charlie/Nash) — 600 Rank Points Earned

3rd) Tavnt (Chun-Li) — 500 Rank Points Earned

4th) Reggie (Ken/Juri) — 400 Rank Points Earned

5th) MarkB (Birdie) — 300 Rank Points Earned

5th) NO RESPECT (Charlie/Nash) — 300 Rank Points Earned

7th) Smitty (Necalli) — 200 Rank Points Earned

7th) Sosage (M.Bison/Dictator) — 200 Rank Points Earned

9th) Jackal (Ken) — 100 Rank Points Earned

9th) Vincent (Chun-Li) — 100 Rank Points Earned

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