Jul 20

Results! It Was Tuesday 07/19/2016

Street Fighter The Movie ending
We only had six people this week, which I half expected. I thought post EVO would either get a ton of people hyped to play, or absolutely no one because everyone is tired.
Double Elimination with less than 8 is really weird, so we ran Round Robin instead. Top 2 in the money. Rank points, surprisingly, still worked out. Including Tavnt’s headhunter bonus. I’ll update those ranking points at another time.
Next week is the final Summer Season session. Beesu is the headhunter bonus. Bring that EVO tech …
1st Beesu (Karin) — 600 RP Earned
2nd Panoptic (Charlie/Nash/Alex) — 500 RP Earned
3rd Tavnt (Chun-Li) — 400 RP Earned
4th Reggie (Ken/Ibuki) — 300 RP Earned
5th Sosage (Boxer) — 200 RP Earned
6th Spencer (R.Mika) — 100 RP Earned

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