Jul 15

Results! It Was Tuesday 07/12/2016

Street Fighter The Movie ending

The It Was Tuesday before EVO saw the top 5 shake up once again. I Like Macaroni didn’t come out to protect his head hunter bonus or his spot. Panoptic’s adoption of new tech and Alex wasn’t able to place him in his usual top 3 position. Beesu is still holding onto the top spot in Rank, but Tavnt‘s gawd damned Chun-Li took the Grand Finals (sorry … I hate V Chun-Li ;P).

1st: Tavnt — 800 RP

2nd: Beesu — 700 RP

3rd: NO RESPECT — 600 RP

4th: El Ben — 500 RP

5th: Panoptic — 400 RP

5th: RawForce — 400 RP

7th: Zob — 300 Rank Points

7th JPAC — 300 Rank Points

9th: Juantonimo Bay — 200 Rank Points

9th: Sosage — 200 Rank Points

13th: EMP Lloyd Braun — 200 Rank Points

13h: Manuel — 100 Rank Points *

13th: Spencer — 100 Rank Points

*=Challonge claims Manuel is 9th place, but this is because Spencer wound up in a Losers round all by himself. Both actually earned the same W/L record for 13th place.

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