Aug 11

Ranking update! Back-To-School season session two

Alen Lewis BisonWe’re two week’s into It Was Tuesday’s Back-To-School season, and Headhunter Bonuses are being claimed and Rank vs. Rank is in effect.

Tekkenlaw knocked this week’s Headhunter target and last week’s Grand Champion, Beesu, into the Loser’s bracket in round two, earning himself 200 bonus Rank Points. Unfortunately, since this is Tekkenlaw’s first week of the season, he wasn’t eligible for any Rank vs. Rank point exchanges.

Pikie drained 10 Rank Points from Panoptic in Round 3, and almost swept the Winner’s bracket until he rank into Beesu in the Grand Finals.

NO RESPECT also yanked 10 points from Reggie in Round 2.

Seeing as Beesu is once again Grand Champion, he is next week’s Headhunter Bonus. Knock him into the Loser’s bracket or out of the tournament, and earn yourself 200 Bonus Rank Points.

Rank vs. Rank point exchange is in effect for you next week if you have more than 0 Rank Points.

Thanks to everyone supporting It Was Tuesday!


1-Beesu (1500 RP) – No Movement (Rank 1 last week)
2-Pikie (1210 RP) – Up 1 spot (Rank 3 last week)
3-Panoptic (990 RP) – Down 1 spot (Rank 2 last week)
4-Tekkenlaw (800 RP) – No Movement (No Rank last week)
5-Quan Paul (700 RP) – Down 1 spot (Rank 4 last week)
6-NO RESPECT (610 RP) – No Movement (Rank 6 last week)
7-Reggie (590 RP) – Down 2 spots (Rank 5 last week)
8-Bob$ (500 RP) – No Movement (No Rank last week)
9-Sosage (300 RP) – Down 2 spots (Rank 7 last week)
9-El Ben (300 RP) – Down 4 spots (Rank 5 last week)
10-Vincent (200 RP) Down 3 spots (Rank 7 last week)
10-I Like Macaroni (200 RP) – Down 4 spots (Rank 6 last week)
10-Smitty (200 RP) – No Movement (No Rank last week)
11-Mark B (100 RP) – No Movement (No Rank last week)
11-Juantanimo Bay (100 RP) – No Movement (No Rank last week)

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