Mar 29

Match of the Week – Spring Trigger Session III – Beastbomba vs. Gearbox

This week I asked for everyone to thumb up their favorite match from the Session III playlist. The video with the most thumbs up would be the “match of the week”, and nominated for future match of the season and year competitions.

The winner this week? Beastbomba vs. Gearbox! These two actually travel to It Was Tuesday together every week, and obviously train against each other a lot outside of the event. They also have an uncanny ability to both win/lose perfectly so they run into each other in the brackets, even when purposely seeded away from each other.

Gearbox is a solid Boxer player that appeared at It Was Tuesday during one of its dead periods. Like most Boxer players, playing against Gearbox is a minefield of standing shorts and guessing high/low mid-range specials. The most dangerous part of his game doesn’t come out until the last quarter of the round, where players need to start protecting their feet from stomp into V-Trigger, or overhead into V-Trigger.

Beastbomba started appearing at It Was Tuesday a few weeks after Gearbox’s arrival. His Zangief play is patient and resilient, trying to slowly walk his opponents into the corner. But, Beastbomba is also solid when put in the corner himself, calmly looking for either quick openings to reset the walk down, or using his opponent’s offensive push to trap them. Traits that all Zangief players should work on.

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