Aug 24

Mark Them Calendars! Back-To-School Session Five 08/30/2016

It Was Tuesday Back-To-School 05Session Five of It Was Tuesday’s Back-To-School season is going down August 30th. This week’s Headhunter Bonus is Reggie. Defeat him in a match and earn 200 Bonus Rank Points.

We’ll also be running one King of Fighters XIV casual station in the back. Players looking to just play King of Fighter XIV still need to pay the house fee.

Street Fighter V weekly tournament at Phoenix Games in Concord, CA. If we get more than 8 players, we run Double Elimination with the top 3 in the money (60/25/15). Less than 8 players and we run Round Robin (top 2 inĀ  money). Fee is $10, $5 to pot and $5 to house. Sign ups open at 6PM, tournament starts at 7:10PM.

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