Dec 19

It Was Tuesday’s January/February Ranking Season: Honmei-Kappa

Honmei-Kappa Banner 01We’re coming up on a new year. Everyone is already thinking about what resolutions they’ll brag about, then break, come January 15th. It’s also coming close to Valentine’s Day. Will your lover give you some gank ass Giri Choco, or top shelf Honmei Choco?

How about some Street Fighter V Honmei-Kappa?It Was Tuesday’s Honmei-Kappa season runs from January 3rd until February 31st. Here’s the full list of dates:

January 3rd — Honmei-Kappa Session One

January 10th — Honmei-Kappa Session Two

January 17th — Honmei-Kappa Session ThreeJanuary 24th — Honmei-Kappa Session Four

January 31st — Honmei-Kappa Half-Time Break!

February 7th — Honmei-Kappa Session Five

February 14th — Honmei-Kappa Session Six (Double Rank Points)

February 21st — Honmei-Kappa Session SevenFebruary 28th — Honmei-Kappa Session Eight

Times and days are the same as last season. Tuesday nights at Phoenix Games in Concord, CA. Sign ups at 6PM, start at 7:10PM. If I get less than 24 people, we have to get out by 9PM. If I get 8 or more players, we run Double Elimination. Top 3 in the money (60/25/15). Less than 8 players, and we run Round Robin with top 2 in the money.

Entry fee is $10. $5 goes to house, $5 goes to pot. If you are there just for casuals, you still need to cough up $5 (we need to pay for the space and electricity).

Event posters coming soon.

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