Dec 29

It Was Tuesday — Sunday Abare Mass

It Was Tuesday presents a new online tournament series: Abare Mass

On any given Sunday, It Was Tuesday will run an online character lock, mirror match tournament.

OK. That’s a mouth full, so let’s break this down.

It Was Tuesday will choose a character, likely through random select, that will be the theme of the week’s Abare Mass event. All players participating in that week’s Abare Mass must use that character in every game, of every match up, of the tournament.

For example, our first Abare Mass (January 8th) is going to run Akuma. So everyone must go through the bracket playing Akuma vs. Akuma.

WTF?! Why?

What’s the first thing most players do when they run into a bad character match up? They run to Reddit, Shoryuken, EventHubs, YouTube, Twitter, Etc. looking for some magic tip n’ trick. The second thing we do is run to training mode and make the character a punching bag for a couple minutes.

All of that is fine, but there are better ways of figuring out an unfamiliar character’s strengths and weaknesses. One of those better ways is to just play the damned character.

Another cool thing about Abare Mass is that it can also be a showcase for who the best (fill in character here) players are.

The idea is also different and weird. Have fun with that.

How is the character chosen?

Primarily It Was Tuesday will random select the character, then announce the character and open the sign up page about a week before the next Abare Mass (Abare Mass will always land on a Sunday). This gives you plenty of time to practice up and try to learn some tech.

BUT, if Capcom releases a new character before Wednesday night, the new character takes priority and will replace the random selected character. Why? Because everyone wants to learn the new characters ASAP.

We’ll also attempt to not run the same character twice in one season.

Online? California only?

Yes. Online. No traveling for this nonsense. Sit in the comfort of your own home. And yes, California only. This is primarily to ensure players have a playable connection throughout the tournament. We may expand, though.

Tell me more!

Well, this is already a wall of text. Check this page for official rules. Watch the main page of itwastuesday.com for more info on upcoming events. Our first event (Akuma) is hitting January 8th. The sign up page for that event will be up soon.

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