Aug 03

It Was Tuesday – Sunday Abare Mass – Abigail – Sunday August 6th!

Sunday Abare Mass comes back this Sunday, August 6th!

Sign ups are open to all of NorCal, on this official Challonge page. Sign ups close on 6:45 PM PST Sunday, so sign up now! The tournament starts at 7PM PST.

It Was Tuesday will be running the tournament through its Discord channel. If you don’t have Discord, get it. Because you’re going to need it to participate.

This month’s Sunday Abare Mass’s theme is Abigail!

What is Sunday Abare Mass, though?

Sunday Abare Mass is an occasional special online tournament run by It Was Tuesday, that enforces a single character, mirror match format. A character is determined to be the theme of a Sunday Abare Mass, and all players must play that character, in all games, of all matches.

Format to be determined. Players earn rank points towards the current It Was Tuesday season (in this case, It Was Summer). Those points are a fraction of what would be earned at a normal session, but they’re still worth something.

No entry fee. No prizes. Just playing to see who is the top Online Abigail in NorCal.

When you sign up!

Please use this format: CFN-Area Code.

So for example:


This will help with seeding.

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