Apr 12

It Was Tuesday – Spring Trigger Rank Update (04/11)

It Was Tuesday had a light turn out this week, so it was a Round Robin night. Three of the Five competitors were new to the Spring Trigger season, so there weren’t many chances of Rank vs. Rank point exchange. This week’s Headhunter was also missing, so no one was able to earn extra Rank Points.

Outside of the mid and bottom portions of the leaderboards, Player Ranks didn’t see a dramatic shift this week. But, that can easily change in the final two weeks of the season!

2Beesu2505NO MOVEMENTRank 2 Last Week
3Panoptic2300NO MOVEMENTRank 3 Last Week
4Gearbox1445NO MOVEMENTRank 4 Last Week
5Ice Box1210NO MOVEMENTRank 5 Last Week
6Hawk1135NO MOVEMENTRank 6 Last Week
7Pon980NO MOVEMENTRank 7 Last Week
8Sosage925Up 1 SpotRank 9 Last Week
9Tavnt800Down 1 SpotRank 8 Last Week
10Beastbomba755NO MOVEMENTRank 10 Last Week
11Kenny300NO MOVEMENTRank 11 Last Week
12Tony Wimple200NO MOVEMENTRank 12 Last Week
12A Parked Car200NO MOVEMENTRank 12 Last Week
12Suppi200NO MOVEMENTRank 12 Last Week
12Box Fairy200NO MOVEMENTRank 12 Last Week
12Sehnder200NO MOVEMENTNo Rank Last Week
13Jason100NO MOVEMENTNo Rank Last Week
14MRF50Down 1 SpotRank 13 Last Week
14Custom50NO MOVEMENTNo Rank Last Week

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