Mar 22

It Was Tuesday – Spring Trigger Rank Update (03/21)

Last night’s session of It Was Tuesday – Spring Trigger saw some slight shifting of Rank Points across the board. On the top end of the chart, NO RESPECT finally broke Beesu’s undefeated streak, gaining 45 Rank Points and collecting half of the Headhunter Bonus (200 Rank Points).

I did say half, though. NO RESPECT couldn’t shut Beesu down in the Grand Finals, so Beesu is once again next week’s Headhunter Bonus.

Lower down, Beastbomba wound up getting some Rank Points drained from both Gearbox and Sosage. Gearbox also skimmed a bit off of Pon as well.

1Beesu1555NO MOVEMENTRank 1 Last Week
2NO RESPECT1345Up 1 SpotRank 3 Last Week
3Gearbox880Up 2 SpotsRank 5 Last Week
4Panoptic750Down 2 SpotsRank 2 Last Week
5Pon685Down 1 SpotRank 4 Last Week
6Ice Box605Up 1 SpotRank 7 Last Week
7Hawk500NO MOVEMENTRank 7 Last Week
8Beastbomba465Down 4 SpotsRank 4 Last Week
8Sosage465Down 2 SpotsRank 6 Last Week
9Kenny200NO MOVEMENTNo Rank Last Week
9Tony Wimple200NO MOVEMENTNo Rank Last Week
10A Parked Car100NO MOVEMENTNo Rank Last Week
11MRF50Down 3 SpotsRan 8 Last Week

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