May 31

It Was Tuesday NorCal Baby Royale Qualifier Results!

It Was Tuesday just wrapped up an 8-man qualifier for who would represent us at the NorCal Baby Royale. Everyone that participated, and even some who did not, deserved a chance to represent us. And if it were up to me, we’d be sending 8 people to compete.

BUT! There can be only two!

It Was Tuesday is proud to announce Beesu and Panoptic as our representatives in the NorCal Baby Royale!

Beesu: Winner of damn near every title at It Was Tuesday, is a solid Karin player that utilizes fundamentals learned from his years playing Third Strike. He’s the inspiration for the term, “Shimmynanigans”.

Panoptic: One of It Was Tuesday’s trickier players, Panoptic is a master of manipulation and opponent conditioning.

Both of these players represent the It Was Tuesday crew not just in skill, but also in what they bring to the group personally.

Runners up were NO RESPECT, an Urien player most of the Bay Area should be familiar with by now, who just barely got edged out of one of the two spots in a tie breaker. And Hawk, an up-and-coming F.A.N.G player out of the Richmond area.

Thanks to Carolyn for hosting the upcoming NorCal Baby Royale, and giving the various crews in the Bay Area a chance to face off!

Also, and especially, thanks to everyone that came out tonight and played a hell of a lot of games! Hopefully I’ll see you all next week, at Mollywhop Session V!

Full results:

3rdNO RESPECT53Urien/Charlie
6thIce Box25Juri

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