May 26

It Was Tuesday – NorCal Baby Royale Qualifier May 30th!

This coming Tuesday, It Was Tuesday is NOT running a normal Mollywhop session. We will be running our invitational qualifier for players that want to represent It Was Tuesday at the NorCal Baby Royale.

The eight players that have made the cut are Beesu, NO RESPECT, Panoptic, Gearbox, Pikie (<— can someone ping him?), Beastbomba, Tyram, and Ice Box

Rice Crackers, Fuji/Vincent*, Hawk, and Pon — in that order — are the next in line to fill in if any of the original eight players tell me they can’t make it.

The qualifier goes down on Tuesday, May 30th, at Phoenix Games in Concord, CA. 5-7PM are casuals. 7PM we start. 9PM we try to GTFO. We need to collect a house fee from everyone playing (gotta pay rent), but I am going to provide pizza for the players to hopefully make up for that.

Spectators are fine. After 5-7PM casuals, all stations are for the qualifier only.

Format: We’re going to run classic, non-ratio Round Robin. 2 out of 3 game format, or 3 out of 5 game format, is still being debated. We will NOT be running the new update that drops on May 30th for the qualifier, which also means no Ed.

The Mollywhop Season will resume with Session V on June 6th.

*Fuji/Vincent will have to play a tie breaker if they need to sub.

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