Dec 03

It Was Tuesday, no longer Tuesdays at Phoenix Games

For the last few days I’ve been struggling to find a good way of saying this. I guess the best way is to slam a wall of text directly in your face: It Was Tuesday on Tuesday nights at Phoenix Games is no more.
I still highly endorse Phoenix Games. They’re a great store with good people. This was just a mutual situation where other game events were pushing for that time slot, and I was taking too long with my TO vacation.
Which honestly, is perfectly fine by me. If it wasn’t obvious, I was burning out doing this every week. And I have other priorities that are taking up more of my time/resources.
It Was Tuesday the entity, however, is still around. I still run the CAX Hyper Fighting tournament under that name/logo, and I hope to ease back into doing OG SF monthlies at Phoenix Games again (I know I keep saying that, but again, I’ve been burned out). It’s essentially the brand I slap on whatever FGC event I wind up doing. Your rankings are still up on the website (I actually still have to update those … oops!).
Thanks to everyone that came out and supported our Tuesday night run: Beesu, Panoptic, NO RESPECT, Smitty, Beastbomba, Gearbox, Pon, Hawk, Ice Box, Supi, Tyram, Rice Crackers, Reggie, JuanPaul, Jeff, Rotten Seagull, Ahkmed, Vincent, Fuji, Tavnt, Marmalade Jones, Pikie, Custom, Yohosie, and Android 420.
I’m very sure I missed some people, but everyone I named above brought something to the group. A lot of these people traveled far distances or made sacrifices just to show up. I know I had my moments where I would get pissed or have a mini-melt down/lecture on the local FGC, and I apologize for those moments. I truly appreciated all of you in different ways.
Thanks for hanging out on Tuesday nights with me!

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