Jun 12

It Was Tuesday Mollywhop Rank Update (06/12)

Last night, It Was Tuesday revived its Sunday Abare Mass series of tournaments, running an all Ed tournament. All Sunday Abare Mass events allow players to earn rank points in the current regular season. So, there have been a few changes to the player rankings as we enter Mollywhop Session VI. Keep in mind that Rank vs. Rank and Headhunter Bonuses are not in effect for Sunday Abare Mass sessions. Beesu is still the Headhunter Bonus going into Mollywhop Session VI!

1Beesu3000NO MOVEMENTRank 1 Last Session
2Gearbox1585NO MOVEMENTRank 2 Last Session
3NO RESPECT1360NO MOVEMENTRank 3 Last Session
4Pikie1100NO MOVEMENTRank 2 Last Session
4Ultima1100NO MOVEMENTRank 2 Last Session
5Beastbomba1000NO MOVEMENTRank 4 Last Session
6Sosage900Up 1 SpotRank 7 Last Session
7Ice Box775Down 1 SpotRank 6 Last Session
8Tyram700NO MOVEMENTRank 8 Last Session
9Rice Crackers650Up 1 SpotRank 10 Last Session
10Ackmed500Down 1 SpotRank 9 Last Session
11V12400NO MOVEMENTRank 11 Last Session
12RensKenshin350NO MOVEMENTNo Rank Last Session
13Yung Mushu300Down 1 SpotRank 12 Last Session
13Fuji300Down 1 SpotRank 12 Last Session
13Vincent300Down 1 SpotRank 12 Last Session
13Panoptic300Down 1 SpotRank 12 Last Session
13Marmalade Jones300Down 1 SpotRank 12 Last Session
14Reggie250Down 1 SpotRank 13 Last Session
14Pon250Down 1 SpotRank 13 Last Session
15Hawk200Down 1 SpotRank 14 Last Session
16Smitty150NO MOVEMENTNo Rank Last Session
17Custom100Down 2 SpotsRank 15 Last Session
17John L100Down 2 SpotsRank 15 Last Session
17Raw Force100Down 2 SpotsRank 15 Last Session
18Shawn50Down 2 SpotsRank 16 Last Session

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