May 24

It Was Tuesday – Mollywhop Rank Update (05/23)

Session IV of Mollywhop was unusually light, just short 1 player short of the 8 players needed to run Double Elimination, so we ran with a Round Robin. No rank points were exchanged in Rank vs. Rank, and no one claimed the Headhunter Bonus off of Beesu.

As this is the end of the fourth session of Mollywhop, this means we’re entering the halfway point of the season. Usually, when It Was Tuesday faces a 9 week season, we take the middle Tuesday off, so we wind up with an even 8 weeks of play (4 for May, 4 for June).

But, as everyone knows, we have a NorCal Baby Royale that requires representation. So May 30th, It Was Tuesday is running an 8-man Invitational Qualifier for the 2 spots available to It Was Tuesday. The 8-man invitational is officially open to …








Ice Box

Since he runs It Was Tuesday, Sosage is disqualified (I’m too OG to be considered new blood anyways). If someone from this list of 8 can not make it to the qualifier, Rice Crackers is next in line to take a spot. Then Fuji. Then Vincent.

1Beesu2000NO MOVEMENTRank 1 Last Week
2Pikie1100NO MOVEMENTRank 2 Last Week
2Ultima1100NO MOVEMENTRank 2 Last Week
3Gearbox1075NO MOVEMENTRank 3 Last Week
4Beastbomba775NO MOVEMENTRank 4 Last Week
5Sosage650Up 1 SpotRank 6 Last Week
6Tyram600Down 1 SpotRank 5 Last Week
6NO RESPECT600Down 1 SpotRank 5 Last Week
7Ice Box500Down 1 SpotRank 6 Last Week
8Rice Crackers450Down 1 SpotRank 7 Last Week
9Yung Mushu300Down 2 SpotsRank 8 Last Week
9Fuji300Down 2 SpotsRank 8 Last Week
9Vincent300Down 2 SpotsRank 8 Last Week
9Panoptic300Down 2 SpotsRank 8 Last Week
9Ackmed300NO MOVEMENTNo Rank Last Week
10Reggie250NO MOVEMENTNo Rank Last Week
11Hawk200Down 2 SpotsRank 9 Last Week
12Pon100Down 3 SpotsRank 9 Last Week
13Custom100Down 4 SpotsRank 9 Last Week
13Raw Force50Down 4 SpotsRank 9 Last Week
14Shawn50Down 4 SpotsRank 10 Last Week

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