May 17

It Was Tuesday – Mollywhop Rank Update (05/16)

Finally, someone dethroned Beesu. Ultima came out of no where with an aggressive Rashid, and didn’t just take first, but defeated Beesu twice. Earning the total Headhunter Bonus this week (400 Rank Points total).

The only Rank vs. Rank point exchange took place between Beastbomba and Gearbox, which saw Beastbomba snagging 25 points.

Next week, Ultima is the Headhunter Bonus.

Next week is also the final session to determine who the next four participants will be in It Was Tuesday’s Baby Royale Qualifier! Remember, Beesu, Panoptic, Gearbox, and NO RESPECT are already in the first four slots. We’re playing for the next four participants.

1Beesu1650NO MOVEMENTRank 1 Last Week
2Pikie1100NO MOVEMENTRank 2 Last Week
2Ultima1100NO MOVEMENTNo Rank Last Week
3Gearbox875Down 1 SpotRank 2 Last Week
4Beastbomba775NO MOVEMENTRank 4 Last Week
5Tyram600NO MOVEMENTRank 4 Last Week
5NO RESPECT600Down 2 SpotsRank 3 Last Week
6Sosage500Down 1 SpotRank 5 Last Week
6Ice Box500NO MOVEMENTNo Rank Last Week
7Rice Crackers450Down 3 SpotsNo 4 Last Week
8Yung Mushu300Down 3 SpotsRank 5 Last Week
8Fuji300Down 2 SpotsRank 6 Last Week
8Vincent300Down 2 SpotsRank 6 Last Week
8Panoptic300NO MOVEMENTNo Rank Last Week
9Custom100Down 2 SpotsRank 7 Last Week
9Raw Force100Down 2 SpotsRank 7 Last Week
9Pon100NO MOVEMENT No Rank Last Week
9Hawk100NO MOVEMENT No Rank Last Week
10Shawn50Down 2 SpotsRank 8 Last Week

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