Apr 25

It Was Tuesday – Mollywhop 2018 Street Fighter V Session V (05/01)

It Was Tuesday Mollywhop 2018 Street Fighter Session II goes down March 20th, at Phoenix Games in Concord, CA!

This is the fourth of six RanBat (Ranking Battle) sessions, which occur every first and third Tuesday of the months of March/April/May. Rank points are distributed based off of placement.

Our Headhunter Bonus target this session will be PLAYER. Defeat him to earn bonus Rank Points!

$5 House Fee. $1 Pot Fee. WINNER TAKES ALL!

5PM Casuals Open. 6PM Sign Ups Open. 7PM Tournament Starts. 9PM GTFO!

If 8 or more players sign up, we run Double Elimination and It Was Tuesday adds $5 to the pot. At 16 players we add $10 to the pot. At 24 players, $15 to the pot. Etc, etc, etc.

If 7 or less players sign up, we run Round Robin format with no pot bonus.

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