Aug 24

It Was Tuesday – It Was Summer Rank Update (08/22)

Session V of It Was Tuesday’s It Was Summer season kept up the current tradition of crazy point exchanges. pH Nando wound up handing out Headhunter bonuses to the majority of the group, and extra Rank vs. Rank points to pH James (30),¬†Beesu¬†(10), and Sosage (80).

Ackmed snagged 45 points off of Sosage. Rotten Seagull gave up points to Beesu (15) and pH James (35). pH James returned the favor on Beesu, snagging 20 of Beesu‘s points.

1Beesu1940Up 2 SpotsRank 3 Last Session
2pH James1865Up 2 SpotsRank 4 Last Session
3Rotten Seagull1850Down 2 SpotsRank 1 Last Session
4pH Nando1605Down 2 SpotsRank 2 Last Session
5Sosage1120No MovementRank 5 Last Session
6Gearbox725No MovementRank 6 Last Session
7Panoptic710No MovementRank 7 Last Session
8Ackmed545No MovementRank 8 Last Session
9Pon300No MovementRank 9 Last Session
9Hawk300No MovementRank 9 Last Session
9Quan Paul300No MovementRank 9 Last Session
10Beastbomba250No MovementRank 10 Last Session
11Suppi200No MovementRank 11 Last Session
11TS Akito200No MovementRank 11 Last Session
11GGPQ200No MovementRank 11 Last Session
12HS Augment150No MovementRank 12 Last Session
12Smitty150No MovementRank 12 Last Session
13Henchin100No MovementRank 13 Last Session
13Dylan100No MovementRank 13 Last Session
13Ant Man100No MovementRank 13 Last Session
13Custom100No MovementRank 13 Last Session
13Vincent100No MovementRank 13 Last Session
13PoyJon100No MovementRank 13 Last Session


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