Nov 30

It Was Tuesday – It Was Puzzle Fighter – Puzzle Fighter Tournament December 5th!

Celebrate It Was Tuesday‘s holiday break by competing in some pay-to-win nostalgia exploitation!  It Was Puzzle Fighter: a Puzzle Fighter tournament, goes down Tuesday December 5th, at 8PM PST, at the comfort of your own home. Really. Don’t come over to my house. I will not answer the door.

Register yourself before 7:45PM PST December 5th at the official Challonge brackets here: http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/7lXX72bj1h

Log in to the It Was Tuesday Discord channel by 7:45PM night of the tournament to receive your match up information. Discord channel is here: https://discord.gg/PcqD4Aw

Entry is free. If we receive less than 8 players, we’ll run Round Robin. 8 or more, Double Elimination.

No character or level restrictions for this first time around. You have a week to grind your shit (or pay … do what you feel you gotta do) as high as you like.

Winner gets a Street Fighter V Red Bull (or just a Red Bull if I can’t find a Street Fighter V can), a Slim Jim (not Street Fighter related), and one It Was Tuesday house fee waved. Second place gets a Slim Jim. Third place gets a hearty high five. Fourth gets a limp-wristed high five. Everyone else, a thumbs up.

Capcom, Red Bull, and Slim Jim are not sponsors. We’re barely on Capcom’s radar, actually. But! Phoenix Games is cool with us, so support them for all your used video game holiday shopping needs.

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