Feb 22

It Was Tuesday Honmei-Kappa Rank Update (02/21)

Alen Lewis BisonIt was a week of surprise guests, with OG It Was Tuesday top tier Panoptic coming out of the wood works to play. We also saw Vincent trying to pull out some Akuma vortex. In the end, Beesu took first place, propelling himself into the 2K point level, with NO RESPECT tailing just behind him at .2230.

In Rank vs. Rank, Gearbox took a major hit from Henchin, who drained the Boxer player of 100 Rank Points. Tyram also had 20 points shaved off by Sosage.

Since Beesu went undefeated, no one was able to claim the Headhunter Bonus this session.

1Beesu2670No MovementRank 1 Last Week
2NO RESPECT2230No MovementRank 2 Last Week
3Gearbox1300No MovementRank 3 Last Week
4Rice Crackers1100Up 2 spotsRank 6 Last Week
5Tyram980Down 1 spotRank 4 Last Week
6Sosage970Down 1 spotRank 5 Last Week
7Smitty700Up 1 spotRank 8 Last Week
8Yung Bopper600Down 2 spotsRank 6 Last Week
8Beastbomba600Down 2 spotsRank 6 Last Week
8Panoptic600No MovementNo Rank Last Week
8Custom600Down 1 spotRank 7 Last Week
9Henchin550Up 1 spotRank 10 Last Week
10MRF350Down 1 spotRank 9 Last Week
11Supa200No MovementRank 11 Last Week
11Raymond200No MovementRank 11 Last Week
11Vincent200No MovementNo Rank Last Week
11A Parked Car200Up 1 spotRank 12 Last Week
12Bend100No MovementRank 12 Last Week
12Tony Wimple100No MovementRank 12 Last Week
12Veezy100No MovementRank 12 Last Week

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