Mar 01

It Was Tuesday Honmei-Kappa FINAL RANK

Alen Lewis BisonThis is it. The final ranks for It Was Tuesday’s Jan/Feb RanBat Season: Honmei-Kappa. I’d like to thank everyone that has come out and supported It Was Tuesday, especially those that continued to come out on weeks where it was looking like a 2-man bracket. Also, huge thanks to Phoenix Games for hosting us. Without their support, we’d have no where to play. So try to make your next game purchase through them.

We begin a new March/April RanBat season March 7th! Official announcement coming soon.

So, onto the results! This week saw a lot of Rank vs. Rank point exchange going on. For the sake of clarity, I’ll just focus on the largest exchange on the top end, which all revolved around Supa. Supa took 200 Rank Points off of NO RESPECT right off the bat. Then later in Winners, took around another 200 off of Beesu. Since Beesu was also the Headhunter Bonus, Supa scored ANOTHER 200 Rank Points. The end total for Supa was 650 Rank Points on top of his regular Rank Point reward for second place (600 Rank Points), propelling Supa up 7 spots!

1Beesu3130No MovementRank 1 Last Week
2NO RESPECT2340No MovementRank 2 Last Week
3Gearbox1870No MovementRank 3 Last Week
4Supa1450Up 7 spotsRank 11 Last Week
5Rice Crackers1320Down 1 spotRank 4 Last Week
6Tyram1180Down 1 spotRank 5 Last Week
7Sosage1170Down 1 spotRank 6 Last Week
8Smitty700Down 1 spotRank 7 Last Week
9Yung Bopper600Down 1 spotRank 8 Last Week
9Beastbomba600Down 1 spotRank 8 Last Week
9Panoptic600Down 1 spotRank 8 Last Week
9Custom600Down 1 spotRank 8 Last Week
10Henchin550Down 1 spotRank 9 Last Week
11MRF440Down 1 spotRank 10 Last Week
12A Parked Car300Down 1 spotRank 11 Last Week
12Tavnt300No MovementNo Rank Last Week
12Reggie300No MovementNo Rank Last Week
13Raymond200Down 2 spotsRank 11 Last Week
13Vincent200Down 2 spotsRank 11 Last Week
13Bend100Down 2 spotsRank 12 Last Week
14Tony Wimple100Down 2 spotsRank 12 Last Week
14Veezy100Down 2 spotsRank 12 Last Week

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