Jun 17

It Was Tuesday general update

It Was TuesdayI have a couple of updates for It Was Tuesday.

First off, we have a logo. There. Up there. See it now? Cool. That’s it. It’s version 1.0, until I stop being lazy using Impact and build my own font.

Secondly, we’ve been unofficially challenged to a 5 vs. 5 against Sharkade in the South Bay. For future reference, and to hopefully make the process of building a team super simple, at least 4 out of the 5 spots on the It Was Tuesday side will be based off of ranking points. This ensures that the players that rep IWT are players that show up on a regular basis, and can perform. Don’t just talk about being down and good enough to rep, show up and prove it. >:)

Third, I’m out of town July 5th. If any of the regulars think they can cover running the brackets that night in my absence, PM me on Facebook or bring it up next It Was Tuesday. Otherwise we may not be running It Was Tuesday that night. Maybe it’ll be a good excuse to go scout Sharkade?

Fourth, the latest Rank List can be found under Rankings > Summer Session 2016.

Amazingly, no points were transferred in Rank vs. Rank (everyone with a higher rank beat their lower rank opponents, or had 0 Rank Points). No one was able to claim last week’s headhunter bonus by defeating Beesu, either. Since Beesu is last week’s Grand Finalist, the bounty is yet again on his head come the 21st.

Finally, I haven’t looked at the footage yet. I’ll get to it as soon as I can.


  1. Tharimrattler

    Oh shit team tourney? Would that happen at Phoenix, sharkcade, or a neutral point?

    1. Stephen Kleckner

      We don’t have details yet. We’re just at the, “Someone brought it up, and we both seem down to do it.” stage. 😛

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