Feb 15

Honmei-Kappa 2018 Dragon Ball Fighterz Rank Update (02/13)

For the first time ever in It Was Tuesday history, there is an unresolved three-way tie! Even after running a tie breaker round, Beesu, Android 420, and Smitty could not pull ahead.

So next Dragon Ball Fighterz session (02/27), the Headhunter Bonus will be determined based off of who out of the three place highest in that bracket (For example: if you defeat Smitty, and he happens to place higher than Android 420 and Beesu, then congratulations! You earned a Headhunter Bonus).

No Rank vs. Rank points were exchanged.

1Yohosie800No MovementRank 1 Last Session
2Android 420750Up 2 SpotsRank 4 Last Session
3Moogle Parade700Down 1 SpotRank 2 Last Session
4Miguel600Down 1 SpotRank 3 Last Session
5Bionic Armond400No MovementRank 5 Last Session
6Draw Chuck400No MovementRank 5 Last Session
6Ackmed350Up 3 SpotsRank 9 Last Session
7NO RESPECT300Down 1 SpotRank 6 Last Session
7York300Down 1 SpotRank 6 Last Session
8Smitty250No MovementNo Rank Last Session
8Beesu250No MovementNo Rank Last Session
9SuperSega200Down 2 SpotsRank 7 Last Session
9Power Gamer200Down 2 SpotsRank 7 Last Session
10Gearbox100Down 2 SpotsRank 8 Last Session
10Varia100Down 2 SpotsRank 8 Last Session
10Sosage100No MovementNo Rank Last Session
11Vincent50No MovementNo Rank Last Session


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