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Sunday Abare Mass

Abare Mass 470It Was Sunday … time to pray to the Random Select Gawd.

Abare Mass is an online tournament that enforces a character-lock, mirror match format. It Was Tuesday randomly selects a character from the Street Fighter V roster, and everyone participating in the Abare Mass is restricted to playing the chosen character.

Abare Mass‘s main objective is to give players an excuse to really dig into a character they may have not considered playing before, providing an opportunity to learn more about the character’s strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps in a way that simply reading match up threads, and playing around in training mode would not provide otherwise.

Sunday evenings is the time. Online is the place.

It Was Tuesday will open a Challonge.com sign up page at least a week before the next Abare Mass, with the character for the event revealed. If Capcom releases a new character by Wednesday night of the same week, the Random Select character is moved to next week, with the new character taking its place (giving players three days to learn the new character). Learning newly released characters takes as much priority as possible.

Being an online tournament, Abare Mass is limiting the scope of registration to California only. We may widen or shrink that scope based off of the quality of connections.

Registration is free, but there also aren’t any prizes at the moment. Abare Mass will be running a RanBat point system. Abare Mass Rank Points will count towards It Was Tuesday‘s regular season RanBat points as well (1/4 of It Was Tuesday’s RanBat season points).

Abare Mass times and dates will be announced on It Was Tuesday‘s front page.

Full rules can be found on the Abare Mass Rules page.

Abare Mass be streaming on the It Was Tuesday Twitch channel. You can also find footage from Abare Mass and the regular It Was Tuesday season on the It Was Tuesday YouTube channel.