Jul 14

California Extreme 2016 Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting Tournament!

CAX 2016 SF2 poster

Poster says it all. You can’t make EVO this weekend? Don’t worry, neither can I! It’s a tradition that if I don’t make it to EVO, I send a couple of my Street Fighter II machines down to Santa Clara for the California Extreme arcade and pinball show, and throw a tournament. The game is Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting.

Just a quick note, you have to pay the CAX entrance fee to get near the tournament, which is $40 on Saturday and $60 for the weekend. I highly recommend coming out primarily to spend the day or weekend playing a ton of hard-to-find arcade and pinball games from several different decades, and entering the Street Fighter II tournament as a fun side thing. If you come out just for the Street Fighter II tournament, well … that’s an expensive as hell tournament.

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