During the day time I’m a struggling freelance artist, writer, and consultant in the video game industry. At night I run different sessions for my favorite game series of all time: Street Fighter.

It Was Tuesday

It Was Tuesday is a weekly double elimination Street Fighter V tournament, currently being held at the best used game store in the San Francisco Bay Area, Phoenix Games in Concord, California.

We meet every Tuesday night, barring holidays or acts of gawd, to throw down in Capcom’s Street Fighter V. Registration is open from 6-7 PM PST, with the tournament starting around 7:15 PM PST.

Street Fighter II: California Extreme Edition

Street Fighter II: California Extreme Edition is a yearly Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting tournament that goes down on the show floor of the California Extreme arcade and pinball enthusiast event. Every July enthusiasts like myself drag out their restored arcade cabinets, truck them to the South Bay, and allow the general public to play away on them all weekend.

The Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting tournament tends to go down on Saturday afternoon of the show. Besides the entry fee to get into the show, there is a $5 entry fee for entering the tournament. There’s also a 32-player cap, so it’s important to register as soon as sign ups open. Check the events page for more information.


925X is a defunct Super Street Fighter II Turbo and Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting monthly meet up. We play on authentic arcade hardware, and run a double elimination tournament on each game. This meet up has been suspended until further notice.