Nov 20

Abare de los Muertos – Session VII – RANK UPDATE

Alen Lewis BisonSession VII of Abare de los Muertos saw some Rank vs. Rank point exchanges. Sehnder defeating Sosage for 60 points, and then Hawk for 10 points. Ahmad is the Final Session’s Headhunter Bonus.

Note: There is no session Tuesday, November 22nd. We’re taking a break for Thanksgiving. Abare de los Muertos’ final session is on November 29th!

1Panoptic2460No MovementRank 1 Last Week
2Beesu1640No MovementRank 2 Last Week
3Sosage940No MovementRank 3 Last Week
4Reggie700No MovementRank 4 Last Week
5Sehnder570Up 2 RanksRank 7 Last Week
6MarkB500Down 1 RankRank 5 Last Week
7Hawk490Down 1 RankRank 6 Last Week
8Ahmad400No MovementNo Rank Last Week
9ShortRound300Down 3 RanksRank 6 Last Week
9Custom300Down 3 RanksRank 6 Last Week
9Geoff300Down 3 RanksRank 6 Last Week
10Shareware200Down 3 RankRank 7 Last Week
10NO RESPECT200Down 3 RankRank 7 Last Week
10Vincent200Down 3 RankRank 7 Last Week
10Pon200Down 3 RankRank 7 Last Week
11Mario100Down 3 RankRank 8 Last Week
11Jackal100Down 3 RankRank 8 Last Week

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