Oct 28

Abare de los Muertos – Session V – November 1st!

It Was Tuesday - Abare de los Muertos - Session VAfter a brief hiatus, It Was Tuesday is back with Session V of Abare de los Muertos. Only three more sessions until the end of the season. We go on break through December, so get in your Street Fighter V grind now!

No headhunter bonus this week!

It Was Tuesday goes down in the far East Bay (925) of the San Francisco Bay Area, at the world’s greatest used game store: Phoenix Games in Concord, CA! Sign ups open at 6PM, tournament starts at 7:10PM. If less than 24 people sign up, then we must wrap up by 9PM.

If less than 8 people sign up, we run Round Robin with top 2 in the money. If more than 8 sign up, we run double elimination with top 3 in the money (60/25/15).

Check the rules section for all additional info!

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