Oct 06

Abare de los Muertos – Session II – October 11th 2016

adlm-02bannerIt Was Tuesday’s Abare de los Muertos Session II is set for October 11th! This is the 925’s Street Fighter V weekly, hosted at Phoenix Games in Concord, CA!

Sign ups are at 6PM. Tournament starts at 7:10PM. Fee is $10 (5 to the house, 5 to the pot). If we receive 8 or more players, we run Double Elimination brackets and the top 3 are in the money (60/25/15). If we receive less than 8, we run Round Robin and the top 2 are in the money.

If we receive 24 or more players, the store will remain open to us until the bracket finishes. Otherwise, we must get out of the store by closing time (9PM). Casuals are allowed as long as the tournament does not need to use all the set ups (and you have at least paid the house fee). Full rules can be found in the rule section.

Brackets will be run on Challonge.com. Abare de los Muertos Session II’s bracket will be at:


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