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Jun 14

Footage!: It Was Tuesday 06/07/2016 — Summer Season Session 1

Better late than never. Actually, we’re lucky the AVMedia device didn’t wipe the files out again.

Jun 13

Pre-Event Rank Update! For Summer Session 06/14/2014

Rank vs. Rank starts now! Also, the headhunter bonus is in full effect. I cover most of the pre-event rank details you need to know.

Jun 13

Mark them calendars! : It Was Tuesday June 14th 2016 — Summer Season 2 of 8

Mark them calendars real good like. Session 2 of It Was Tuesday’s Summer Season is going down June 14th.

Jun 08

Results! : It Was Tuesday – Summer Season 06/07/2015

The first session of the Summer Season. All players in this list are now eligible for Rank vs. Rank point conversions at the next Summer Season session. Bracket 1st) Beesu (Karin) RP Earned: 700 RP total: 700 2nd) Panoptic (Charlie/Nash) RP Earned: 600 RP total: 600 3rd) I Like Macaroni (M.Bison/Dictator) RP Earned: 500 RP …

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Jun 06

Pro tips on voting and making it to It Was Tuesday on June 7th

The first session of It Was Tuesday’s Summer Season lands on an important voting day, and if you have your priorities straight, you’ll be thinking more about getting to the polls than getting to a Street Fighter tournament. BUT! It’s always nice to have our democracy cake with Street Fighter frosting, and eat it too! …

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Jun 03

Mark them calendars! : It Was Tuesday 06/07/2016 — Summer Season

For those of you that rely on the Facebook events calendar, here’s the event page for It Was Tuesday 06/07/2016. Remember, it’s our first session of the Summer Season, and the Ranking system will be in effect. Mark them calendars …

Jun 03

It Was Tuesday’s summer season starts June 7th

With the introduction of the ranking system, I’ve also organized It Was Tuesday into a season format. Each season will last for two months (or eight weeks). Similar to a league format, at the end of the two months we’ll calculate the player rankings and see how everyone performed during the season (see rankings page …

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Jun 02

It Was Tuesday Ranking System

With the creation of seasons, I’m going to try out something new: a ranking system. I’m not a hardcore mathmagician, so it’s pieced together with bubblegum, string, and good intentions — but I think it will work. Check the Ranking page for a full description on how it will work.

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