Monthly Archive: April 2016

Apr 26

Results! : It Was Tuesday 04/26/2016

What sucks is that I turned 38 last week. What doesn’t suck is that now we’re capturing footage! Bracket 1st) Panoptic (Charlie/Nash) 2nd) Mark B (Birdie) 3rd) Boxfairy (Alex) 4th) Quan Paul (Laura) 5th) Sosage (M.Bison/Dictator) 5th) iU () 7th) Dan Phan () 7th) Miguel (Ryu) 9th) Eddy Dangerous (Ryu) 9th) Suga J (Ryu) 9th) …

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Apr 19

Results! : It Was Tuesday 04/19/2016

Here we go again! Bracket 1st) Pavocado (Rainbow Mika) 2nd) Panoptic (Charlie/Nash) 3rd) MacaRudy () 4th) pH | TZA (Claw/Vega) 5th) Quan Paul (Laura) 5th) Bob$ () 7th) Smitty (Necalli) 7th) Vincent (Chun-Li) 9th) Dylan () 9th) That Twin Guy (M.Bison/Dictator) 9th) Own-You-Badly () 9th) Fuji Jordan () 13th) Shareware () 13th) Juantonimo Bay (Zangief) …

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Apr 12

Results! : It Was Tuesday 04/12/2016

Here we go again! Bracket 1st) Pavocado (Rainbow Mika) 2nd) pH | TZA (Vega/Claw) 3rd) tavnt (Chun-Li) 4th) Mark B (Birdie) 5th) Tyram (Karin) 5th) OTM () 7th) Quan Paul (Laura) 7th) Matt S () 9th) Vincent (Chun-Li) 9th) Panoptic (Charlie/Nash) 9th) Quez () 9th) Bad RnG (Dhalsim) 13th) Adam Hannon 13th) Thotty Pippin (Cammy) …

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Apr 05

Results! : It Was Tuesday 04/05/2016

The inaugural meeting of It Was Tuesday snagged 22 players! Bracket 1st) pH | TZA (Claw/Vega) 2nd) Mark B (Birdie) 3rd) Quan Paul (Laura) 4th) Bionic Armond (Rainbow Mika) 5th) JBeast () 5th) OohDang () 7th) Tyram (Karin) 7th) Vincent (Chun-Li) 9th) Smitty () 9th) Tekken Law () 9th) Sosage (M.Bison/Dictator) 9th) Bobwolf 925 () …

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